Our history

The Association of Advertising Agencies of Mauritius was launched in 1970 under the chairmanship of late Michel Cervello. The AAA was officially registered to the Registrar of Associations on 6 July 1990. The founding members were Late Michel Cervello, Late Jacques Marcel Edouard Germond, Late Marie Jean François Adam, Goolam Muhmud Mungly, Philippe Wong Sak Hoi and Vino Sookloll. The AAA developed into an influential professional body.


In 1995, the AAA launched the Advertising Awards Night with a team chaired by Rama Poonoosamy. They have since grown in stature and in 2000 two Awards were also opened to the Indian Ocean Islands. In 2002, the Mauritius International Low Budget TV Commercial Award, with many other categories, were introduced and opened to all agencies around the world. From 2007, the AAA Awards turned into the “The Flame” Mauritius Design and Advertising Festival.


The Advertising code of Ethics of the AAA was first published in April 1994 and is adhered to by all AAA members and the media. The code of ethics was fully updated in January 2011 to ‘The Little Red Book – Code of Advertising Practice Mauritius’ and a new constitution of the AAA has been officially released on 30 October 2011 under the presidency of Cyril Palan.


The advertising industry is dynamic and constantly responding to the changing habits of our audiences. With the constant development and evolution of new communication tools such as web communication, street and shopper activations, events and PR, the association has changed its constitution to be more relevant to the industry.


Accordingly, the Association of Advertising Agencies of Mauritius (AAA) has decided to change its name to ''Association of Communication Agencies" (ACA). Our new brand now reflects the actual reality of our industry: It's all about interacting with audiences!


With every player of the industry on board, the ACA is stronger than ever before!


The Association is now open to new members in the field of communication at large in regards to 2 specific memberships: Full-Fledged Members and Associate Members.


Our mission

  • Valorise every facet of our industry from advertising to communication
  • Promote the Association and its agencies
  • Defend advertising communication’s interests by informing and guiding our clients