Xtreme is a full-service, integrated creative and design agency that provides strategically led advertising campaigns, online destinations and editorial content to drive consumer engagement and awareness. In the fast-changing consumer retail world, we help companies stand out with business-oriented strategies, nuanced creativity and innovative advertising approach. Xtreme has worked with renowned brands like Sony, Kelloggs, Martini, Hisense and Baileys, Green Island, Johnie Walker.


At Xtreme, we believe firmly that strong design, coupled with innovative and easy-to-use technology, can make a dramatic impact.

From creative, interactive design, to strategic e-commerce solutions, we use technology to bring our ideas to life and fulfill our client’s objectives, always looking towards the horizon to see what’s coming next —and how it can be applied in innovative ways.

We work closely with our clients to create tailor-made solutions that fit their individual needs, using a well-defined project process, and the technology platform best suited to our clients and their specific project requirements.

Our understanding of the nuances involved in generating creative ideas that drive desire and demand enables us to help brands understand the market environment, spot the opportunities, generate original ideas, and take appropriate action, in order to build closer customer relationships and drive brand and business objectives.

We also have a reputation for ensuring that established brand-values and aesthetics are beautifully conveyed and appropriately translated into every media.

The combination of our multi-skilled and experienced in-house creative team includes illustrators, graphic designers, art directors, copywriters and web developers, who ensure our clients access a broad range of talent through a single agency group.

Our strategic approach is unique to each client: always seeking to be flexible and responsive.

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5, Jules Le vieux Street, Port-Louis
T. (230) 210 6056 / (230) 211 4823 / (230) 5 2572115
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E. xtremepub@intnet.mu
With a diploma in graphic design, Mr Raj Auckloo started out as a Graphic Designer at Maurice Publicité. He then took up the position of Junior Art Director for Circus, where his outstanding work on projects like Phoenix Beer, Blé d’Or, Moulin de la Concorde, Chantecler and the Caudan Crafts Market earned the company several awards. After his experience at Circus, Mr Auckloo took up the position of Art Director at Atoba. With more than 25 years of solid experience in the field of advertising, Mr Auckloo is today the Managing and Creative Director of Pub Xtreme Ltd, his own company and views the advertising landscape as a constantly evolving one, where efficiency, innovation and creativity are crucial to the survival of an organization.

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