Brand custodians: help you understand, build, protect and leverage your brand equity through clear-cut strategy, solid research & no non-sense creative Creatively focused: solely in creative strategy & production – no media Quality & speed of execution & service: dedicated & solid creative team + powerful computer graphic environment



1. ‘extra-mile’ is just part of our everyday journey

2. ‘yesterday’ deadline is never an issue

3. ‘win’ only exists in ‘win/win’


Our Key Success Factors are:

1. Our People

2. Our environment

3.  The Experience

4.  The Regional Reach 


6 Rue St Georges, Port Louis, Mauritius
T. (230) 212 02 88 / (230) 212 0289  - F. (230) 208 70 80

Publico’s key success factors are straightforward: People, technologies and client relationships.

“Clients love working with us because of our 24/7 mentality, speed of service, quality, pleasant working relationships, average pricing, and humility.  All of this culture has been inculcated in Publico staff.

“Our creative thinking process is very much solution-oriented, no long-winded stories about complicated strategies and terminology, but creative that will work” .

“You have to be real with clients, honest, tough if needs be, maybe say some things the client does not want to hear. It’s about delivering with honesty, integrity and humility at a price that is considered fair.

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