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Logos has the expertise, passion, and advanced resources to produce quality designs and insightful concepts by promoting out of the box campaigns through versatile marketing tools. We understand the trends and most importantly, client satisfaction is our prime concern.


Incorporated on 17 November 1987, Logos Publicity Limited is a fully-fledged advertising and communication agency. Logos is an active member of the Association of Advertising Agency (AAA) since 1996. The diverse range of our client portfolio reveals our ability to relate effectively to different business and to adapt to ever-changing consumer needs. Since its incorporation, the agency has worked with various segments of the corporate, retail, services, para-statal bodies, public and private sectors. Logos services some of the major business groups ranked among the Top 100 Companies of Mauritius.

With nearly 26 years of existence, our young team has embarked on a very promising future which will provide brighter perspectives both in terms of diversity of services and involvement of highly-qualified human resources, advanced equipment, and is ready to face challenges. To work at Logos is in fact a calling, a vocation. Each client assignment is an opportunity to serve and meet specific needs creatively.

We are passionate about our work and most importantly we constantly aim at achieving substantial results for our clients. We thrive on meeting deadlines, targeting and satisfying clients’ needs and budget constraints.

Our mission statement:

To be a market leader in the world of advertising by providing excellent service to our clients.

We shall achieve our mission constantly guided by our commitment in our core values:

We value Excellence in our service at all times, Integrity in our attitude, Vision for our clients, co-working with a Team Work spirit, using Creativity in our job; done with Passion and a Commitment to exceed expectations.

Our integrated services cover:

Marketing / Advertising Strategy, Media Planning, Buying and follow-up of advertising campaigns (TV, Press, Radio, Billboard…), Design & Publishing, Logo, Photography, Packaging, Communication & PR strategies, Consulting and audiovisual production with advanced logistics. 

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18, Rouget Avenue, Sorèze, Les Pailles
T. (230) 286 7333 / 30 - F. (230) 286 7333
E. logos@intnet.mu

Over the long run you try to mould a certain philosophy, a dream, a vision or footprints you would like others to identify with. Years after, a shaping procedure starts to occur. Things become so real that they go beyond your expectations and the end product is so amazing that it goes above your understanding. That’s the whole metamorphosis that has paved Logos’ trail.


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