Capgraph is a brand management company specialised in the creation of visual identities and their management on each and every medium of the communication process.


What is capgraph?

Capgraph is a brand management company.

So what do you do?

We create and manage visual identities.

So you create logos?

Yes we do.

Can you create an ad?

Of course.

What about websites?

We do have a web department that creates as well as maintains websites.

Then you are an advertising agency...

Although we do provide similar services, capgraph is focused on the corporate identity and its various applications. Our job is to make sure that a brand is adequately represented on each and every medium used in the communication process.

After creating (or updating) a brand, we generate and/or monitor every single document, object or digital medium that bears a logo (ie brochures, adverts, websites, signage etc).

What if we are an established brand?

Capgraph also takes on existing brands in order to either properly maintain their identity or rethink their positioning.


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Stephane Chasteau de Balyon studied graphic design in Montpellier, communication in Lyon and management & marketing in Sydney. After spending 10 years overseas where he has been a graphic design teacher at university, an art director for a branding company and some freelance work, Stephane came back to Mauritius in 2010 to launch what he had in mind since he was a kid: to live off his passion.


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