Why become
a member ?

  • Recognised as a professional agency operating in the Marketing & Communication Industry
  • Negotiation with media
  • Settling of disputes and complaints
  • Participation in Awards and Events
  • Media Exposure
  • Representation in other corporate and public bodies
  • Pitch regulations
  • Participation in Workshops & Seminars, Training & Development
  • Sharing Market Information
  • Networking with other stakeholders
  • Professional Development
  • Name appearing on official communication tools of ACA including website
  • Free use of ACA logo on stationery or any communication of the member agency
  • Free copy of the Code of Advertising Practice
  • Official Certificate of Membership

to become
a member ?

Join us

If you are interested in joining the association, please download the application form below, fill it up and return it to info@acamauritius.mu with the requested documents attached. Once your application received, it will be reviewed by the members of the association in presence of the executive team.

Download the form